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Tools and Resources


Welcome to the Tools and Resources area for Italian. This area gives you:

  • Life & Culture:

    find out more about the background to the Italian language, learn some useful phrases to help you get by, discover more about traditions, festivals, and holidays, browse through interesting information about the culture of Italian-speaking countries*, and explore other useful websites.
  • Writing & Word Games:

    browse through and download extensive sample letter templates, have a look at email templates*, and try your hand at word games.
  • Teaching & Learning:

    the area for teachers and students - brush up your grammar knowledge using our students' quick guide to grammar terms.

*Only available to subscribers

Please note how asterisks are used in the Oxford-Paravia Italian Dictionary:

  • on the Italian-English side, an asterisk following an English translation indicates that it is an irregular English verb. For more information, look it up in the verb tables.
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